HR and Payroll Software: ShiftableHR’s Top Benefits

Learn Everything about ShitftableHR’s Powerful HR and Payroll Software

Highlights Ever feel like you are juggling a dozen tasks at once? Tracking hours worked, calculating taxes, bringing new talent on board…for HR professionals, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, with integrated HR and payroll software, you can have the exact tools you need in a single place. Learn exactly how an HR and payroll […]

HR Best Practices to Make Your Business More Efficient

Unlock the Key HR Best Practices to Make Your Company More Efficient This Year

Highlights HR teams are often bogged down with everyday tasks, from tracking employee’s work hours to ensuring payments are processed accurately and on time. With so much going on, finding focus can be quite a challenge. HR best practices can give your team direction, by showing them where to focus on this year. If you […]