Payroll Services, Time and Attendance Tracking

Payroll Services

ShiftableHR’s payroll application simplifies payroll processing while removing any manual tax research and calculations. It seamlessly integrates time and attendance, HR, and ancillary product and service marketplace data into the payroll process. The payroll application ensures all payroll processes are accurate, and its automation capabilities and robust tax engine takes over time-consuming tasks. Utilizing ShiftableHR’s payroll application takes the burden of managing payroll off your plate.

The payroll application features geospatial tax identification, which enables you to leverage information garnered directly from local tax authorities. This way, you don’t have to worry about local taxes and there’s no more guesswork, protecting your business from related consequences.

ShiftableHR’s payroll application also includes reciprocity automation. Varying reciprocity laws between states can be difficult for even experienced payroll professionals to figure out. The reciprocity automation feature helps ensure compliance by virtually eliminating the chance for errors due to manual entry.

  • Real-time access to reporting and tracking
  • Automated client processes
  • Eliminate payroll-related frustrations
  • Multiple-system integration capabilities
  • Remote approval process
  • Universal manual entry and/or import capabilities

Payroll Administration Services

24/7 payroll processing made easy

Simplified employee personal and sick leave tracking

Quick-issue payroll checks and/or direct deposit

Time & Attendance Tracking

ShiftableHR’s time and attendance tracking application is front-loaded to interface with the existing payroll system to help facilitate a better payroll process from start to finish. Powerful reporting and analytics was combined with an array of self-service features and automated functionality to close the flexibility and accessibility gap found in other technology solutions.

ShiftableHR clients see an improvement across internal processes and a boost in profitability by adding the time and attendance tracking solution to their existing payroll, time, and attendance processes.

Our time and attendance application features the following capabilities:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Flexible pay rules
  • Bulk edit capabilities
  • Robust reporting
  • Exception and accrual tracking
  • Employee and manager self-service portal access