About ShiftableHR

Our Story

In January 2020, ShiftableHR joined the nation’s fastest-growing professional employer organization (PEO), Vensure Employer Services. Vensure Employer Services uses industry-leading technology to offer complete, end-to-end solutions for outsourced payroll, human resources, benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation services. Available to businesses of all sizes, Vensure has the ability to design flexible and economical packages to satisfy even the most complex company missions. In the end, Vensure Employer Services helps businesses refocus on what matters most: revenue and growth.

ShiftableHR emphasizes personalization in their active client engagement. This allows ShiftableHR to develop long-lasting relationships with their clients, the clients’ business, and the clients’ goals for their businesses. Utilizing innovative technology software and systems, ShiftableHR is able to customize a business framework that streamlines business efficiencies. ShiftableHR is dedicated to business solutions that allow your day-to-day operations more efficient and effective to elevate your business successes. ShiftableHR has a team of experts in payroll, HR, benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation to ensure you receive real-time solutions and support.

ShiftableHR’s partnership with Vensure Employer Services provides ShiftableHR clients greater value, such as expansive benefits packages, competitive workers’ compensation rates, and a larger network of seasoned professionals to continue personalized client engagement and support.

ShiftableHR's Active Engagement Approach

At ShiftableHR, we believe in forging active alliances with our clients. Our active engagement approach involves getting know to you, your business, and your goals for your business. We use what we learn to inform our strategy and provide us a framework to tailor our support tools and guidance to better meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Next, we roll up our sleeves and jump into your processes with you. We know how tough it is to navigate the growth of your business on your own, but when ShiftableHR jumps into your day-to-day activity, we can show you how you can improve operations and tweak things as needed real-time.

We take ownership of and responsibility for our advice and its outcome, and we are invested in the success of your business. ShiftableHR’s active engagement approach enables us to provide you with guidance to help you grow and protect your most valuable asset: your business.