Risk Management Services

Loss Control and Prevention

ShiftableHR offers loss control and prevention services, which includes a comprehensive risk management assessment. Results allow the team to strategize workplace safety improvements and mitigation for potential risks. Assigned specialists will help implement a formalized risk and safety program prioritizing employee safety with up-to-date policies and procedures to help protect the organization’s bottom line.

The loss control team will collaborate with the business to create an illness and injury prevention program, which includes management-level training and supplemental resources upon implementation. Regularly scheduled training designed to ensure OSHA compliance across facilities and operations management is also available to clients on an as-needed basis.

  • Accident Investigation
  • OSHA Training and Compliance
  • Safety Program Development
  • Job Task Analysis
  • On-Site Hazard Assessment
  • Worksite Hazard Training
  • Quarterly Review of Loss Runs
  • Modified/Light Duty Return to Work Programs
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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is one of the primary elements of ShiftableHR’s comprehensive risk management solution. Claims administration, underwriting, and loss control are paired with on-site inspections, safety program development and implementation, and OSHA training services.

These solutions reduce the client’s risk and exposure by maintaining compliance with state and federal laws and excess funds with pay-as-you-go compensation. ShiftableHR is able to leverage enterprise-level buying power to provide access to multiple A-rated carriers with the best possible rates. Easily calculate expenses as payments are based on actual payroll and due at the time of processing.

  • No Standard Market Deposits
  • Eliminate Annual Audits
  • Forego Surprise Lump Sums Due Each Year

ShiftableHR’s claims services team acts as a liaison between injured employees, the employer, the workers’ compensation carrier, and the medical care provider. This process reduces the potential for litigation and ensures strong communication between all parties. By carefully monitoring and processing each claim, we aim to assist the injured employee make a full and timely recovery so they can get back to work. ShiftableHR advocates for introducing employees back into the workforce at a speed and level at which they are medically able to do so. This approach improves your loss history, ultimately resulting in lower premium costs.

Flexible Options

Pay-As-You-Go Compensation

Claims Services